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Q&A Tas Extensions



TAS Extensions are expertly curated and sourced by a trusted stylist with 10+ years of experience under her belt. Understanding hair quality comes with experience, trials and testing. TAS Extensions have been vetted for quality and have proven to stand up to humidity, color, flat irons and more. Our quality is guaranteed. View our frequently asked questions below.

Honestly, it all depends on what occasion you’re celebrating and what look you’re going for. Less is more when it’s your first time and the more comfortable you become, the more confident you’ll be with exploring more options.

Typically, if we’re talking about a full installation 2 bundles would be ideal for lengths that are under 16 inches long which will give you a natural look. If you like your hair more full, 3 bundles will give you exactly what you’re looking for. 

For inches 18” and longer. 3 bundles would be ideal for a natural look. If you like fullness, 4 bundles will be perfect.  

While we don’t offer samples at the moment we welcome you to come see and touch the hair in person with Miramar, FL based stylist. Contact us to schedule a consultation and we’ll work on finding the best fit for you. That number is (305) 780-3956

A Lace closure is the finishing piece to your hairstyle that is sewed in specifically where you plan to wear your part. It can not be changed, or moved. 

A lace frontal is the finishing piece to your hairstyle that can be parted freely anywhere to create the desired look.

TAS Extensions hair was designed to mirror the experience of natural hair. With that being said, we can either wear them as they come, or alter them to our liking. Keep in mind that our virgin hair is just as susceptible to heat damage and loss of curl patterns as your own natural hair is.


Installation varies by product type. TAS bundles are installed using needle and thread with either a  lace closure, or lace frontal in front.

TAS Lace Frontal Wigs comes with pre-wefted bundles, combs and an elastic band for secure fitting. They can also be sewn down for added security and flexible styling

TAS Extensions comes in a variety of natural shades of brown. Because it is raw in nature, no bundle is identical in color, but every TAS Extension can be colored to color of choice. We recommend coloring prior to installation and doing strand tests prior to coloring the entire bundle.  Also, just like natural hair bleaching or using color with harsh chemicals may weaken the hair and potentially alter the texture. Keep in mind that when you bleach your hair it requires extra care throughout the life of the style.

We recommend getting hair colored by a licensed professional that is familiar with natural hair textures. TAS Extensions is not responsible for any damage of hair quality, or texture as a result of color processing. 

It is recommended that you wash your extensions weekly and detangle daily. If wearing to bed it is recommended that hair is wrapped in silk scarf to maintain the softness of texture

You can wash your TAS Extensions with a clarifying shampoo followed by a light leave- in conditioner. 

Detangling your extensions daily will preserve the life of the extensions. Comb through the hair from the bottom and work your way through to the top with a wide tooth comb then follow by brushing you hair using Tas Extensions deman brush.

TAS Extensions will last 2-3 years. Our extensions are manufactured with the utmost level of quality and design. Product depends solely upon the care that you provide for your extensions, or wig. It also depends on the daily maintenance routine.

You can swim in TAS hair extensions, however we recommend wearing a snug-fitted cap to protect the hair. Just like your natural hair, salt water and chlorine can strip it of moisture, causing potential drying and tangling.


You have 24 hours after placing your order to submit your cancellation. After this time frame, we are unable to honor your request

Orders will be processed in 2-3 business days during regular season and 7-10 business days during sales and holiday timeframes. Once your order is processed you will receive an email notification that it has been shipped. You can track your order via the shipping carrier for approximate arrival date.